Re: [PATCH] gnome-libs-1.2.7 zvtterm.c

Can you send me that patch in text format, attachmetns dont work for
my mailer.

Othewise yes i noticed the problem too, very annoying.



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> In gnome-libs-1.2.7 you no longer can select text in a zvt when you have
> scrolled. This makes the gnome-terminal almost useless to me.
> This patch fixes that problem. It's just a one liner fix.
> I would be happy if I could get a reply on this letter when this
> patch is applied. I guess that the maintainer should read this
> group. There are four names in the author file of zvt. The top one is
> Michael Zucchi which I guess could be the maintainer then. I cc you just
> in case.
> I wrote about the bug here a week ago but got no reply. So maybe someone
> else already have fixed the problem. I have no idea.
> /Dennis
> ---559023410-851401618-972380081=:13438
> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII; name="zvtterm.c-scroll.patch"
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> LS0tIGdub21lLWxpYnMtMS4yLjcvenZ0L3p2dHRlcm0uYwlTdW4gQXVnIDI3
> IDE4OjIyOjM3IDIwMDANCisrKyBnbm9tZS1saWJzLTEuMi43Lm5ldy96dnQv
> NyArMTc5NSw3IEBADQogICBnZGtfd2luZG93X2dldF9wb2ludGVyIChldmVu
> IHdpZGdldC0+c3R5bGUtPmtsYXNzLT54dGhpY2tuZXNzICsgUEFERElORyAp
> ICkgLyB0ZXJtLT5jaGFyd2lkdGg7DQotICB5ID0gKCB5IC0gd2lkZ2V0LT5z
> dHlsZS0+a2xhc3MtPnl0aGlja25lc3MgKSAvIHRlcm0tPmNoYXJoZWlnaHQg
> KyB2eC0+dnQuc2Nyb2xsYmFja29mZnNldDsNCisgIHkgPSAoIHkgLSB3aWRn
> ZXQtPnN0eWxlLT5rbGFzcy0+eXRoaWNrbmVzcyApIC8gdGVybS0+Y2hhcmhl
> ---559023410-851401618-972380081=:13438--

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