Hello fellows!

The preliminary version of allmighty GtkHTML based web control EBrowser is
now present in gtkhtml CVS tree.

- heavy overuse of Gtk object and type system
- basic concurrent and asynchronous http downloading (but name resolving
  still blocks :-( )
- file loading
- basic http cache (LRU, in memory)
- preliminary support for result codes (well, we process at least 301)
- it does POST method (I am myself surprised too)

I requires libghttp for transport.

The bonobo implementation is my learning tool for bonobo. So if you
have the clearer vision for some specific feature/solution etc., tell me.

- full protocol support
- maybe move to glibwww
- figure out, which ui features we need, and implement them
- client-side loader interface (maybe we can use editor's Resolver)
- client side submit and link interfaces?
- clean up loaders and caches
- asyncronous name lookup
- reload method


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