Re: thoughts on gtk, after Hexsweeper (Ada)

On Thu, Oct 26, 2000 at 09:00:59AM +1100, Nathan Hurst wrote:
> I just wish that more Gnome projects would use non-C languages.  Why would
> people be tempted to use one of the many bindings when anything not-C is
> rejected anyway.

One of the advantages of gnome over kde for many people, it seems to me,
is that they can code in C more easily.

Having said that, I did write something using Gtk/Perl too, but there
wasn't enough documentation so I stopped.  And no, I wasn't in a position
to contribute more to the documentation; if I had been, the lck of it
wouldn't have sent me away from perl-gtk :-)

Lee / Ankh

Liam Quin - Barefoot in Toronto - liam holoweb net -
author, The Open Source XML Database Toolkit, Wiley, August 2000
Co-author, The XML Specification Guide, Wiley, 1999

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