Re: gdk-pixbuf and MNG (aka multiframe network graphics)


No one is doing it that I know of, maybe Federico does though. Please
be sure to work against the GTK+ 2.0 devel tree, where loaders have
stronger error reporting requirements, and write the loader with error
reporting in mind. It's easier to then backport the
proper-error-handling loader to the 1.0 branch than vice versa.  Also
I'm not sure if a new feature like this is allowed in 1.0, ask

Note that a loader must accept _any_ arbitrary stream of bytes without
crashing and without becoming a security hole; some of the existing
loaders look kind of broken in this respect, but we should avoid it in
new loaders. The worrisome-looking existing loaders will probably have
to get fixed before GTK+ 2.0 comes out or we'll have to remove them
from the build.


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