Re: global (MacOS Style) menubar applet

Calum Benson wrote:
> Having said that, I'm not sure I'd welcome the Mac-style menu bar to
> Gnome with open arms, either.  Apart from your click-to-focus point,
> which is a good one, another thing that's become commonplace since the
> Mac and Amiga first hit the shelves is toolbars-- where would they go,
> for example?  You could argue that they ought to be Fitts-ized even more
> than the menu bar, since they're supposed to be the quickest way of
> accessing features (apart from keyboard shortcuts)...

If I get the global menu working, I might consider making a global
toolbar dock too. In general though, toolbar buttons should be easier to
hit since they have a larger target size. For example, the back and
foward buttons on your browser are usually fairly large and easy to hit,
compared to your browser's menu.


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