Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

> > 
> > Now that would be very interesting.  I'd like to see that happen from a
> > user point of view.  This would require that you have well defined
> > interfaces in order to share the data.  Thats quite difficult.  You'd have
> > to up soem documentation to define what those interfaces would be for new
> > office components.
> > 
> what interfaces are you talking about? the GNOME-DB ones for accessing
> this data? if so, this is already done. We've made an
> as-generic-as-possible IDL interface so that it can be used for
> accessing a database, but also another sort of data source, such as the
> evolution data, for example.

Okay...thats exactly what I was asking.  Well..thats great!  Thanks for
the clarification.


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