Re:Gnome is not easy to use in 800x600

Daniel CF twisted the bytes to say:

 Daniel> Hello :
 Daniel> I'd like to tell you a problem that i've found that is the problem for a lot of people :

 Daniel> When you try to use Gnome in 800x600 pixels of screen
 Daniel> resolution,windows of most of the programs are bigger than
 Daniel> phisical screen. This problem has never happened using KDE
 Daniel> desktop.

 Daniel> Another important problem it's that programs never remember
 Daniel> the size that user likes. When you close a program and then
 Daniel> restart it, you have to resize the window again.  It is not
 Daniel> easy.

The problem is due to the fact that there is no standard way to do it
in gnome and every application does it its own way.

ggv, for instance, is one of the applications that checks the size of
the screen (the first versions did not) so the windows are not bigger,
and it also has an option that allows the user to 'remember' the
geometry of the window for future sessions (as a "preference", because
it is not the default behaviour).

To check for the maximum size of the screen is not difficult when
creating the windows (i think this can be done inside the libraries,
which the only consequence of what to do if the user _really_ wants a
bigger on :)

The option to save the geometry is a more difficult one, that might
have to be handled on a per-application basis..

Daniel M. German


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