Re: development tools (was Re: gripes, etc.)

> There are a few people working on a nice development environment for GNOME.
> We're working on several components for specific subtasks instead of putting
> a lot of work into the framework that puts it all together first.
> Personally I'm not a fan of IDEs. Most things you can do with an IDE, you
> can do with emacs or vim too. (yes, I'm aware there's a lot of people
> uncomfortable with those, but there's apps like glimmer (formerly Code
> Commander) for those people). I'm thoroughly unimpressed by KDevelop. The
> only nice thing they have IMHO is the extensive help.
> A good development environment consists of several key parts. An editor,
> a gui designer, project management, and a debugger. IMHO reasonable
> choices are available for the first two. Project management is where most
> (all really) current IDEs are really bad. This is why I'm working on
> a wrapper around auto*, which although it certainly has its deficiencies is
> the best we've got. (most of both gnome's and kde's projects use it).

Now that Bill Perry works on the GTK version of XEmacs, it might be possible
to integrate other components around Emacs, e.g. debugger, browser, even

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