Re: gripes, etc.

Matthew Berg wrote:
Well, a lot of open source developers stick to the old standbys (vi,
emacs, cvs, etc).  But I can see how a strong IDE would be a boon.

One thing I'd like to see is such a tool being done keeping the idea of
widely distributed development in mind, as well as compatibility with
traditional unix tools.  


True, if UNIX was the dominating OS there would not be large demand for easier to use IDE's. Yes there is HUGE demand for such things and the reason why you don't hear about it that much is simple. You have all these freakingly awsome developers who have built their expertiese on Win32 and when they switch (or even attempt) they face the big wall or "Relearn". The minute they ask for little advise they are either ignored or given pointers. 

Gnome develoers must realize that a lot of very good developers are just watching and trying to "Relearn" silently. If we can bridge the gap we can tap into huge amounts of development power.

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