Re: Gnome Dev-Tools Roadmap discussion list.

Andy Tai wrote:
This is strange.  Shouldn't the GNOME core leadership takes a lead in
this kind of thing?   And shouldn't the gnome-devel-list be used for
this discussion?
The Gnome core leadership appears to be overwhelmed. Every now and then someone cries out "where is such and such? why is it not available yet?". I've been waiting two years for projects like gIDE to become usable but as you can see, the latest stable release was in May and I still would not use it; Not to belittle the great work these developers are putting in.

This whole "Linux/Gnome" deal is not a simple thing. There are "Bigest software companies" out there spending GaJaZillions on development time and resources on making Winxx (a.k.a "The other white meat" ) the only platform around. They do that by conglomerating on a problem and solving it. Gnome addresses the "Desktop" environment we are all enjoying today. The development environment has been moving slowly. Very slowly.

If we all sit around waiting for someone else to do it, it will never get done. I'm willing to put in what I can. As far as having separate list, well just look at the thread..

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