gnome-font-picker patch

Hi all.

Here's the gnome-font-picker patch I mentioned on gnome-1.4-list.

>From the brief discussion there, I gather its not appropriate
for gnome 1.4 since the plan is complete compatibility.

I'm posting this anyway. Perhaps it can be applied for gnome 2.0.

I've also placed the patch at
for posterity.

The patch adds 
void gnome_font_picker_set_filter (GnomeFontPicker *gfp,
                                  GtkFontFilterType filter_type,
                                  GtkFontType font_type,
                                  gchar **foundries,
                                  gchar **weights,
                                  gchar **slants,
                                  gchar **setwidths,
                                  gchar **spacings,
                                  gchar **charsets);

which takes the same arguments as gtk_font_selection_set_filter()
and eventually just passes them along to that function.

Its pretty short and I thought it might be useful to others.
I've tested it locally and it works OK for me.

If I recall correctly, gnome-libs head is for gnome-2.0.
The patch applied there with some fuzz, but I don't have gtk 1.3 to
actually test it. It may be broken with the new stuff.
Will gtk_object_set_data become g_object_set_data, for example?

Since it's 2.0 only, it might make sense to replace the
gtk_object_set_data() stuff with a simple pointer since binary
compatibility isn't important there?

Comments are welcome.

Also, any chance of the gnome-libs MAINTAINERS list being cleared up
a little :) I'd hate to mail all 27 of you for such a little patch
that isn't necessary or even applicable for gnome 1.4.

I picked Martin Baulig (baulig suse de) on the weak logic that his name
is on README.HEAD in CVS, so he's been working on gnome-2.0. Is that the
same Martin as martin home-of-linux org in MAINTAINERS?

I also cc'ed the author for good karma.

Talk to you later,
Sam Hunter <shunter bigsky net>

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