Re: griping about development

One of the biggest problems right now is the lack of a *really* good
programming text widget. The new tktext port is certainly superior to
the old GtkText, but it lacks many things that a good code editor needs.
There are other solutions including GtkExText (currently under my own
supervision) and Scintilla, but they are both quite slow, especially
with Pixmap themes. GtkEditor is badly in need of a really solid text
widget that is fast and has lower CPU usage, because it is going to be
taking up a lot of clocks with highlighting and the new gpf stuff.

Anyway, enough of that...

What I really mean to say is, Im going to write a new widget using the
best features/code from tktext, GtkExText, Scintilla, the NEdit text
widget, and others.
It will have gutter pixmap support (for debugging purposes), line
numbers, etc.
It will use GtkBinding for key mapping.
It will have vertical selections.
It will not be based on GtkEditable, so it will not have cut/paste
It will be extremely fast.
It will use much less cpu than any of the current widgets.

So there is my $9.95 for the day...

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