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> > When I first ran Gnome (with Sawfish), there was a bar in the panel that
> displayed the icon of open programs. It crashed once and now doesn't show up
> anymore. Does any of you know how to bring it back? Is that feature called
> status dock? I've added that to the panel but the status dock doesn't do
> anything.
> Right click on the panel. Go to applets (or add to panel->applets) then to
> utilities and click on tasklist I believe.

Hmm, I've noticed this a lot.  When a crash occurs, why don't the proper
applets appear?  Is it something in the session handler?  I've noticed myself
that sometimes an applet or two is missing after logging in after a crash.

Also, for the menu bar... it needs a lot more configuration options (is someone
working on this?), could one of them be to have an automatically embedded
tasklist?  Here at home where I have huge monitor I have 3 panels, so I have
one just for the tasklist, but at work on my 15", I just put a tasklist on the
menubar that takes up the whole of the available space anyways... I suspect
many other people do this as well, especially new users from Windows.  Or maybe
this is just a totally bad idea... I haven't seen what a new Helix Code desktop
is configured like, since I've always upgraded a previously configured copy of
GNOME to Helix GNOME... so I might just be babbling about nothing, as usual.

Ya, I'll be quiet now.

Sean Etc.

> --Ben
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