Re: gdk-pixbuf loader licenses

Robert Mibus <mibus bigpond com> writes:
> What license do gdk-pixbuf loaders have to be under (if any)? Is it OK
> for them to be GPL'ed and not LGPL'ed? Or some other license?
> (I have just gotten a Quicktime PICT loader working, but it is based on
> other code (libgr/ppm/picttoppm.c))

I would say they need to be LGPL. They are considered a part of the
gdk-pixbuf library. Certainly they may not be GPL, because that might
force apps linked to gdk-pixbuf to be GPL.

So the license needs to be GPL-compatible.

If you add stuff to gdk-pixbuf, be sure it gets synced to the version
in GTK+ 2.0, because the source tree that's currently separately
maintained has already been put in GTK+ 2.0 and changes there will not
necessarily exist in GNOME 2.0 unless someone copies them into GTK+.


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