Re: Flaw in Plans for World Domination

Thus spake Jeff Waugh (jdub aphid net):

> GNOME's ambitions for world domination: We're ignoring half the planet. :)
You are right.
> Stuff to do:
>  * Set up a list of developers and languages, so you can easily find
>    people who speak a certain language (or more importantly, two!)

Ok, I speak English an German
>  * Perhaps set up a mailing list to discuss the difficulties that
>    non-English speakers come across, and how to rectify them
>  * Set up a website to promote both of the above (almost definitely use a
>    web-browsable database for the first point)
>  * Work with the i18n group to find contributors, and continue making
>    excellent translations (this project would assist the GTP, rather than
>    compete with it)
>  * Other stuff, as there's always other stuff
If xou nedd help, mail me!

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