Re: Flaw in Plans for World Domination

> > This is not literature. This is code.
> But it's thinking, it's the same work with differents goals, others
> technics, ... .

it is communication! you think in your brain, and write comment in
english for communication, right?

btw, and i tell you my natural language only has three words in it
(that is pa, ma, ha, if you care to know) and i was misrably forced
to learn chinese to communicate with people around, and then forced
to learn english which is so different just to communicate around,
and that is it, for we to communicate around, why it is MY duty to
learn more and more languages always? it is others duty too! i learn
chinese and english to perform my duty to communicate. and that is
it. it is now others turn. (untill someday Mr. AI Babelfish comes...)

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