Re: Flaws dans les plans pour dominations du monde

> > And if the message is about something important?  "Oh look, I don't 
> > understand the language, must not be important."
> Well - that's your fault, not the sender's fault.
> If somebody wants to say something important, and cannot do that in
> english, then he should express himself anyways. Expressing your ideas
> is difficult if you do not know language well - while understanding
> what aother people say is much easier.

Is it that big a deal?  I've seen Spanish and other non-english being
expressed here.  I don't remember anybody asking that the sender speak in
english.  The typical response has been for someone to translate because
they can't understand the language.  

> I know, the discussion will easily turn political. But I DO NOT WANT
> people trying to shut up people, writing in GENERAL lists in their
> language. If you want english-only list, then create gnome-devel-en or
> something similar.

Gross.  I don't think so.  Diversity should apply to everything including
mailing lists.  Although you should have a standard for code.


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