Re: GTK programing chewing up lots of CPU

>Hi Folks
>I have a GTK program which I have developed on a Linux box.  On the
>linux box the applicatoion behaves nicely and dosen't chew up much CPU
>time.  However when I port it over to Lynx(another Unix) it chews up
>massive amounts of CPU time.  Does anyone have any ideas whats going on
>and how I might reduce the amount of CPU time it uses.

Have you debuged this code under Lynx/Linux ??

It happens something similar to me when I was makin' some improvements to task list applet, I overlapped widgets and tasklist waste all CPU cylces trying to redraw one widget after another in an endless loop with the expose_event cb.

Maybe something similar happens to you.

What exactly does your application do?

Good luck!

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