Re: Running remote Gnome programs - problems with SSH

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Ian Campbell wrote:

> > > My understanding is that there should only be one name service running per
> > > session/display. The name server sets a property on the root window which
> > > contains the IOR of the name server.
> > 
> > But if the name service is responsible for resolving CORBA stuff, what does
> > that have to do with X?  ...or is there more that the name service does that
> > I don't know about (which is quite possible).
> The name service doesn't have anything much to do with X, but you need to
> get an IOR for the name service so you can talk to it. This is what GOAD
> does, and that uses the X property to store the IOR in a well known
> and network transparent location
> As Eric just said, goad probably has problems, but oaf should work.

GOAD and OAF should both function the same way - it is just that people
are not yet using gnome-libs HEAD with its OAF hooks, and the usage of OAF
with gnome-libs 1.2 (e.g. Nautilus) is totally broken WRT network

The reason remote CORBA is not working for people is because:
. They are using ORBit 0.5.3 and haven't turned on TCP/IP (I wish all the
overparanoid security whiners would show up and start helping people make
things work, now that they've caused things to come to this...)
. They haven't synchronized the /tmp/orbit-username/cookie file between
the two systems (must restart GNOME after doing this to make things work).
. Their networking is not set up to allow connections initiated from one
computer to reach the other computer (e.g. a firewall in between).

-- Elliot
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