enable_layout_config & gnome_app_show


in the program on which I am working in (LyX Gnome frontend) the toolbars
are are dynamically added/removed depending on the type of opened document
(if any). I would like to keep the position of the toolbars at removal
time and use it to place the toolbars when they are created. As I
understand, gnome_app_enable_layout_config(*, true) is doing exactly what
I want.

However, it turned out that if I add toolbar(s) after the main window is
shown, the layout information is not used to set up the toolbar since: (a)
gnome_app_add_toolbar checks app->layout to determine whether to use
gnome_dock_layout_add_item and (b) app->layout is set to NULL by
gnome_app_show (see gnome-app.c). Is it an expected behavior or a bug?
How should I store/retrieve position of the toolbars?


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