Re: Idea about the tips popup at the Gnome startup

Enrico Zini wrote:

> In this way the tips will grow with the user, following his level of
> knowledge with Gnome; they remain useful even to advanced users, that
> won't be annoyed anymore when nothing interesting has left.  Also, the
> popup will be reenabled as new tips on new features arrive, keeping the
> user in touch with the new features our belowed Gnome hackers are adding
> every day.

Another idea might just be to add a "show me all the tips" button (or
perhaps, to follow on from your idea, a "list all the tips I haven't
seen yet" button), which just opens a text editor window with all the
tips in it.  Then I can print them off or scan through them visually for
any gems, without having to plod through them with the Prev and Next
buttons that the Hints dialog currently offers.

(A more sophisticated offering would list all the tips in a help browser
window, where I could still browse through them or print them-- but have
them all hyper-linked to appropriate sections in the GNOME User Guide,
where I could learn more about that particular feature, or related

Personally I always switch off Tips windows the first time they appear
anyway-- but at least in applications that offer a "show me all the
tips" feature, I sometimes read them all before I switch them off!

Anyway, I suspect this discussion really belongs on the gnome-doc-list
or gnome-help-system mailing lists...


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