Gnomish heart [was: GTK, wizards, KDE]

| (To achieve this, we want to "help" newcomers to GNOME  become
| proficient programmers, so we will be helping them with their
| programming questions, all of this will take place in the gnome-love
| mailing list at, more details to follow when we get the whole
| thing together).
    This is really a good idea! I think there's plenty of 'averagely-low'
experienced programmers (me among them) who would like to contribute but are
simply stunned by the "height of the step" of entering a project... ok, I
(we?) will wait anxiously for you to... put things together.
    Mano :)

GnomerMind - an intriguing puzzle
             game for your GNOME!
mano78 users sourceforge net

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