Re: Gnome 1.4 built. Gets Gdk-ERROR BadLength on XPutImage

"Dave Williss" <dwilliss microimages com> writes:
> First problem:  If I run gnome-session from a telnet session so that
> I can see the errors it spits out, and use MI/X 3.0 for the X server,
> it gives me the following error several times:
> Gdk-ERROR **: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length erro
>  serial 60 error_code 16 request_code 72 minor_code 0

If you run the GNOME app in a debugger with the --sync command line
option, it will stop in the X call causing this, and you can get a
backtrace to see where in the client the bug occurs.
> Second problem is that some clients refuse to start and won't give any
> indication as to why.  If I knew how to find out what was being run by
> various
> menu items, I could run them by hand and see if they spit out any errors
> that way.  Any idea where the configuration files for the menus are?

They are .desktop files, which are installed in /usr/share/gnome/apps


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