New version of GNOME 2 Porting Doc available.

A new version of the porting document for GNOME 1 --> GNOME 2
conversions has just been uploaded to This fills in a number of
the missing sections from the first release and corrects a few blatant
errors as well.

Changes in this release:
	- Clarifications and corrections to the build process (Jacob).
	- Add an introductory section about all the steps involved in
	  doing a port and cleaning up the application (Telsa, Glynn,
	- Add a write-up about session-management (Havoc, Glynn).
	- Various typographical fixes.
	- Include a reference to the Human Interface Guidelines
	- Mention a couple of non-GNOME packages that are assumed to be
	- Add a page about gconf.
	- Document how to work around gnome-http going missing.
	- More disk space measurements.
	- Expand the GTK/GLib pages a bit more. Include the
	  adjustments required to use glib-genmarshal.

Still missing (major sections):
	- libbonobo and libonoboui (volunteer wanted!!)
	- some of the main GTK+ changes (possibly will never be
	  finished; there are so many of them).
	- adjustments to use scrollkeeper (already being
	  written by a cheerful volunteer).
	- Various small FIXMEs, but nothing else major.

It is also available in the porting-doc module in CVS.


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