Re: how to end a session

Maarten Ditzel <ditzel cobalt et tudelft nl> writes:
> I just started to write a small gnome-applet which adds a small button
> to the panel to end your gnome-session. (I find the standard button too
> big). Now my question is: how can I end a session. I have tried to send
> a "die" signal to gnome_master_client(), but that doesn't do the job.
> There must be a better way than just to kill the process.

You need to send the session manager a SaveYourselfRequest. The code
is in gnome-core/gsm/save.c:

  gnome_client_request_save (client, GNOME_SAVE_BOTH, TRUE,
                             GNOME_INTERACT_ANY, 0, 1);


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