Re: BonoboPreview initiative - monikers

Hi Maciej,

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> The temptation to define new IDL interfaces just so you can use them
> in bonobo_object_get points to a missing capability in monikers as
> currently used in GNOME. You can only get an object based on one IDL
> interface it provides. You can't request a single object that has more
> than one interface, or request objects based on additional
> requirements.

        Quite - and indeed we need a service based concept to make
monikers really fly; until then we should use new interfaces IMHO - it's
the right approach for now.

        The wrong approach is to add a SQL-like query language into the
string :-)

> Maybe we can look into enhancing the moniker interface to allow
> applications to specify more than one required interface, and more
> general attribute requirements.

        Perhaps in the deep and distant future. For now, making
bonobo-activation do activations efficiently might be time better
spent ;-)



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