New program problems (gnome canvas-menu)

I am making a menu that will be written in C. It is not using the gnome
menu straight off. First it will be an applet that pops up a app were
ever the applet is, and will have no windowing(sawfish window). This app
will be similar to the Win xp's start menu. It will not look more
gnomeish and not candylandish. I will be using Gnome Canvas for this.
How do you make an app in C to have no windows?
How do you make the app pop up next to the panel applet like the gnome
foot and the menu?
How would you call another app from an image?

I included some pictures that explain more...
The current (actual) gnome menu will start at the "More Programs" Icon
and will need to be positioned next to this selection.

Thank you
-Jason Brock
sho ev1 net

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