Re: filesel dialogs

Manuel Amador wrote:

>Having seen the latest screen shot of the suggested dialog box in GNOME 2, i
>have only one thing to say (for the nth time).

Has anyone considered the ROX-Filer mehod?

for the unenlightened: To open a file, you just drag the file straight
into the window of the app you want to open it in. That or you double
click on it to launch the associated app.

To save a file, you click on File - Save and a tiny window pops up with
a name and icon. You can edit the name and extension, and then from
there you just drag the icon into the appropriate directory, or an icon
on the desktop or what ever.

see this image for an example of saving a file:
or this one for an example of loading a shell file:

All the code is there... would it be possible to integrate it into
Gnome, perhaps make it a user choice (traditional, mac, or ROX style
save boxes)?

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