Re: Dependencies and ATK support for extra-gtk+ widgets

Hi Bill,

> (A2) we can move gtkhtml2 support (and possible gnome-canvas support as
> well) out of libgail, thus trimming the shared libs substantially and
> moving libgail back down the build order.  If we do this, in order to
> allow facilitate libgail code reuse we may either need to export some
> libgail headers or possibly add a small bit of API to ATK.
> (B3) for libraries other than GTK+, have the widget libraries
> themeselves link to gail-like libraries or include the ATK
> implementations in the core widget code.

> Our position (Padraig and myself) is that (A2 + B3) is the right
> solution, and it does not change API nor the current GTK_MODULES
> mechanism for GTK+ support.

	Seems right to me too FWIW - and I have a very nice proposal
coming along to make the accessibility module loading truly beautiful -
integrated with gnome_program - and in addition to have a global GConf
setting for accessibility that when changed causes everything to spring to
life (or die I suppose) :-)

	Coming in an hour or so,


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