Re: Accessibility module loading

Hi Padraig,

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> My ambition is that GAIL will not export any API and that nothing will
> depend on GAIL.

	This is wonderful news; in which case the libgnome module code can
be relegated to poking at-bridge when neccessary to start / stop the
accessibility support - and the whole thing becomes rather more trivial.

> I am attempting to implement support accessibility suuport got
> gtkhtml2 on this basis.

	Great - it's good to test this; does this involve cut and paste of
eg. gailwidget ? - or perhaps that is what these new APIs are designed to
avoid ?

> 1) Ading atk_object_factory_get_accessible_type () which returns the
> GType of an accessible which the factory creates.

	Sounds fine from an API review POV - a minor addition.

> 2) Adding a class which creates an accessible for an object which
> derives from GObject. This is not necessary but would save wheel
> reinvention when it is desired to associate an accessible with
> something which is not a GtkWidget;  GnomeCanvasitem and HtmlBox are
> examples.

	Is this a cut and paste of AtkObjectFactory ? with a simple sed
AtkObject/GObject - in which case it might be better simply to make the
AtkObjectFactory produce GObjects instead (?).

	Either way - this doesn't sound like an API review problem either
- however, if/when you add the APIs can you immediately do a package
release to avoid problems for people building from packages.



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