Re: Accessibility module loading

Michael Meeks wrote:

Hi Padraig,

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Padraig O'Briain wrote:

Great - it's good to test this; does this involve cut and paste of
eg. gailwidget ? - or perhaps that is what these new APIs are designed
to avoid ?

No; that would fail the elegance test. What I am attempting to do is
derive the accessible for HtmlView from an object type determined at
run time.

	That sounds fine as long as you don't want to add any signals,
virtual methods etc. and only use the GDataSet on the object for storing
data - still mostly the data is on the peer so sounds somewhat elegant :-)

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from creating signals without a class implementation (ie. class_offset=0 or class_closure=NULL), or using a class closure other than the signal cclosure that is usually used for signals. Each of which don't require extending the class vtable.

Registering new classes using the information from g_type_query() works fine (I do it in my python bindings for instance).


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