Re: what OS are you guys using?

>>>>> "Shane" == Clancy, Shane W <SCLANCY logicon com> writes:

    Shane> I am constantly running into problems trying to build
    Shane> gnome/gtk apps because the operating systems I have tried
    Shane> are using incredibly old libraries.  I have tried
    Shane> developing on Mandrake 8.1 and Red Hat 7.2 and neither has
    Shane> had libraries that could be described as current.  Could
    Shane> someone tell me what operating system I should be using?

I prefer Linux. So, I would've to say: Use Linux.

But, it seems to me you're asking which distribution you should go
with?! If you want to live on the bleeding edge you may try
Debian/unstable or Redhat Rawhide. They should have fairly the latest
software packages available. If not, you're free to install all the
needed software / libraries from source...


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