Re: CVS GNOME 2.0 build fail

John Fleck wrote:

On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 04:17:33AM +0100, Earle Robert Nietzel wrote:

Next question is... How do I create the libglade-convert script?

It's created when you build libglade. You will need to re-autogen the
package so that it picks up your python2. With vicious-build-scripts
you can build a single module if you don't want to redo the whole
thing using: module-name


I found the problem!

The packages I got from redhat were built with gcc 3.0 and the package for some reason did not require gcc 3.0 to be installed.

When I ran python it spit out an error saying gcc 3.0 is required.

So I deinstalled those packages and installed the rh7.2 python2 packages. After that gnome-core built with out a problem.

On a  side note:

I've noticed two other packages that won't build "control-center" and "eog", I am currently looking into the "eog" problems.

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