Re: Need help with Image Aquisition code

Hi Jerry,

Jerry Mulchin wrote:
> ... 
> I don't think I want to use the "idle" function to do the acquisition,
> but I don't know what else to use.
> I'm looking for suggestions to my dilemma.
I'm working on similar stuff. I also did not use the "idle" function.
The one reason is, that my program should not be to dependent on gtk (at
least as long gtk depends on X11) and secondly because the image
processing should hav priority over the GUI and not vice versa.
 If your requirements are similar I would suggest that you run your
image aquisition/processing in independent thread, which can be
started/stopped from your GUI but otherwise is idependent from gtk.
Check out the manpage of pthread_create. Keep in mind that thread
related problems can occur when the the aquisition thread and gtk
interact. I had problems of this sort when copying my image data to a
gtk_drawable. By enclosing the drawing realted stuff by a
gdk_threads_enter() .. gdk_threads_leave() these were solved.
If you are interessted I can send you you C++ code for aquisition,
simple display and various image processing operations.


Thomas Kulessa  			GMD/IMK/Mars - Exploratory Media Lab
					Schloss Birlinghoven
Phone : +49-2241-14-2166		53754 Sankt Augustin
eMail : thomas kulessa gmd de		Germany

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