Re: FTP Mirrors

kažkada, berods Tr, 2001-02-07 21:02-0500, Sean Middleditch rašė:
> Where are some good, up-to-date mirrors of the GNOME FTP archive?  The main
> FTP site for GNOME downloads *very* slowly (even on my cable modem), and
> tends to bomb out a lot.
> I want to start messing with the gnome-core/gnome-applets stuff finally
> (like the tasklist alert stuff).

If you want to hack anything, the best way is to use CVS, so you can
generate diffs easily and work on latest code (although for those modules
there is not much activity).

gnome ftp is not always updated with latest packages, and is slow. OTOH, CVS
is always up-to-date. And you have to checkout several kilobytes instead of
some megabytes when new release is out.

Gediminas Paulauskas  ---  ICQ #24859336  ---  Kaunas, Lithuania

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