Trouble with compilation gnome-libs-1.2.3 on HPUX 11.00

Hi All,

	i am trying to compile Gnome on HP-UX 11.00 a i am in trouble.

when i try to compile gnome-libs during configure section ( after ./configure
--prefix=blabla  etc.)  configuration i got following error.

configure error: Your db library is missing db 1.85 compatibility mode. It's
because configure try to compile small program like this ......

int main() {

and (linker) /bin/ld is Unsatisfied  with symbol  dbopen (code).
So i took nm /path_to/libdb.a | grep dbopen 
result no symbol found...... so 

i downloaded db-3.1.17.tar.gz and build libdb.a with ./configure --prefix=blabla
 !!!!!! --enable-comapt185 !!!!!!!!

everythink looks very good insted of that new libdb.a library hasn't implemented
function dbopen ????????? What am i doing wrong ???

i have looked for library called libdb1.a but i was unable to find it .....

							Bye Sam

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