Re: CVS login?

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 10:48:35AM -0600, Douglas G. Phillips wrote:
> I was trying to pull the CVS sources from the CVS server.  I used the
> information on the website, but there's no password given for it.
> CVSROOT = :pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/CVS/gnome
> Am I using the wrong settings?  Or is there a password I'm not knowing?  I'm
> new to using CVS, so be kind :)

Try this:

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome
$ cvs login
(Logging in to anonymous anoncvs gnome org)
CVS password: [just hit enter here]
$ cvs checkout [package of your choice]

Your line above looks like the CVS should be cvs and the syntax is slightly
off (no spaces around the "=").  There is no password for cvs login on the
gnome site.




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