Re: How to behave? / App policy

On 22 Feb 2001 18:55:50 +0100, Germano Rizzo wrote:
> Hi all! :)
> I have a problem on the use of the gnome_window_icon_set_* set of functions.
> I can read on the API docs that they are only present from the version 1.2.0
> of Gnome-libs. So, I wonder if I can include it in my application or not...
> I don't think it is right to compel the user to upgrade to the new
> version... is it there a general policy, on the question? I mean, following
> the general directives of GNOME, should I use the latest functions, or not?

the newer gnome-libs have many bug fixes and are required for other
things (such as bonobo).

also, there do exist binary packages of the latest gnome-libs for most
RPM platforms.

so, I reccommend testing for it in (there are tests in most
of the packages that use this function from gnome 1.2) and conditionally
building support for it, and require gnome-libs >= 1.2.0 in your .spec

"The people who made the Macintosh produced a miracle, but that
 doesn't mean their code was wonderful." -- Bob Cringely

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