Re: How to script wallpaper changer to gnome?

On 09 Jan 2001 02:43:07 +0800, Carfield Yim wrote:
> I would like to write a crontab script to change the background of gnome
> every 5 minutes, I find that the file ~/.gnome/Background contain the
> information of wallpaper display. But after I alter it, I don't know how
> to tell gnome to re-scan this file. How can I tell gnome to re-scan this
> file?
I guess this should be done through CORBA, but I don't know if that part of

GNOME is exported through CORBA.

So, what I'd suggest is that you have a look at the control-center
source code, and specially to the background-properties applet source
code, since it's there where the background image is changed when the
user does so.


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