Re: Gnome Status Report

> I found also that the is a little bit old. Are all the
> programmers busy coding Gnome 2.0?

They are for the 1.4 one ! It's true : that's quite 'funny' to read this : 

"Around Fall 2000, say November or so, we expect to release most components of 
the GNOME 2.0 development platform. We will also release a user desktop ported 
to the 2.0 development platform. For components significantly updated in Summer, 
new features are unlikely (they will have to remain in feature freeze except for 
the port to 2.0 in order to get the Fall release finished in a timely fashion). 
Components that skipped the Summer release were probably able to port to 2.0 
well before the Summer release and will probably have lots of new features since 

The problem is the Nautilus development takes a lot of time. The good point
is that a lot of good libs have borned. The drawback is its status is always
pre-release (would say alpha/beta) : there's a lot of bugs ! I don't
think the 1.4 version gonna be released before this summer, because even the
contrib list isn't 'stable' ;) !



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