gnome-remote functions

I've noticed that there is an API for getting a "rsh-like" command for a
given host (gnome_remote_get_command/gnome_remote_set_command). I'm
working on modifying firestarter (a Gnome firewall administration program)
to administer a remote firewall, and I want to do this by spawning a
remote shell. Right now I've got something that almost works using SSH
(and if someone could tell me how to get ssh to take a password via a pipe
I would be most obliged).

If the gnome_remote API actually works and is useful, it may suit my
purpose well. One of the key points is that the user be able to select a
command for a given host. My firewall doesn't have rsh or telnet, just
ssh. The API supports that, but I've never seen a program to actually set
all of that up. Shouldn't that be part of the gnome-config, since all
applications could benefit?

Has anybody used these commands, or are they still waiting for somebody to
exploit them?

Chris Arguin
chris arguin org

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