Re: gal?

On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 12:02:59PM -0800, 'Mike' Michal Palczewski wrote:
> Does anyone have info on what gal is and what gal can do for an
> application from a developers point of view. Is it just a couple widgets
> or is it more than that?


gal is basically just a bunch of widgets.  Except I wouldn't say
"just".  ;-)

gal contains e-table, which is a very slick model-view table / tree
widget (written on the canvas), and is heavily used in Evolution.
Compared to GtkCTree / CList, well... there's not really much of a
comparison to make here.  e-tree is usable.  ;-)

There are a number of other useful widgets, like e-text, the shortcut
bar (as seen in Evolution), etc., to choose from.

The downside of this is that gal is still under fairly heavy

Ian Peters
itp ximian com

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