Re: ANNOUNCE: gdm 2.0.96 "George's Display Manager"

>>>>> "George" == George  <jirka 5z com> writes:

Ok, folks.  Just a note regarding this release.

gdm2 has unfortunately been unmaintained for a while due to severe
lack of time on my part.  George's effort to fix and update it has
been endorsed by me.

George> Actually speaking of XMDCP.  I cannot make it work and I think
George> it's an authentication issue, can someone who understands this
George> crap look at the code, and perhaps fix it?????  Otherwise I
George> don't think we'll have working xdmcp in 1.4 as I don't have
George> time to figure it all out.

Sure.  I'll have a look sometime this weekend.

Martin K. Petersen      Cereal Bowl Engineer, Linuxcare, Inc.         SGI XFS, Linux/PA-RISC, GNOME

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