Re: Let's not use ... args

Would it be possible to have two sets of functions?  One that takes the ...
for C programmers, and another that takes an array?  The ... version could
even wrap the array version.  I know there is the va_args struct that may
be used, but I believe it's highly system specific, and it'd either not be
portable, or might be just a pain in the arse to deal with on multiple
systems properly.

On 2001.01.30 09:17:11 -0500 Murray Cumming wrote:
> I've noticed that GnomeMessageBox and the GnomeCanvas items use ...
> arguments.
> Not only does this make for an unclear and un-typed API, it is also
> impossible
> to wrap properly in some language bindings, because it is not possible to
> build the variable argument structure dynamically.
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