Re: po files

În 13 Jul 2001 17:03:14 +0100 M. Craig a scris:
> I've got a ja.po file that I want to add to my source tree.
> However, it won't compile because the translated strings have
> " (quote) characters in them. If I escape these (change them
> to \" ) the japanese characters (viewed in xemacs) look different.
happened to me too, emacs changed japanese characters.
You could
* use vi (I know, I don't like it too :), but does the job)
and then run a diff between the original ja.po and modified by you,
so you see the characters haven't changed
* ask the translator to correct the po (he should run msgfmt on 
it before submitting)

Marius Andreiana
You don't have to go to jail for helping your neighbour


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