Re: [gnome-love] patch to change tooltips for terminal emulator and help system

> I didn't like the idea of GNOME user guide for the help browser - it
> doesn't just cover GNOME, after all as it (should) be able to access all
> the system man and info pages too. Wouldn't a name like "Help system" be
> better?

I had mixed feelings about that one too.  Really I wasn't too fond of
either of Sun's suggestions, but felt that Gnome User Guide was the
best.  Maybe "Help System" or just "Help" would be better...or maybe
"Help!" :)

> "command prompt" - don't like that either, but then it may just be
> because I despise Windows, and it sounds like Windows to me...

I have to say I think "command prompt" is far far better than
"Terminal emulation program". Remember, these are tooltips--they're
designed for people who don't know the system; not for you and I who
know and use the system every day.  The entire point of these tooltips
is to inform a complete newbie as to what function the button serves.  

> Some of the stuff Sun pointed out in their useability study seemed to me
> to be simply due to a lack of familiarity with terminology - yes, some
> terminology is obscure, but I see little point in simply duplicating
> Windows terminology, because not everyone's familiar with that either,
> and it's not necessarily any good anyway.

"Command Prompt" isn't duplicating windows terminology--it's the most
descriptive phrase I can think of to describe what it is you get when
you press that launcher.  "Command Line" isn't bad either, though a
prompt is really what you're getting.   "Terminal emulation program"
has to go for a tooltip.  Yes, I know that's technically what it is
that you are launching and in the terminal emulation program you're
running a shell which gives you a command prompt, but that's neither
here nor there.

> Their points about the GDM dialog were pretty valid though.

Most definitely.  I heard someone mention that he/she is tackling
some/all of the issues there.  If that person wants some assistance,
let me know.  I just didn't want to step on anyone's toes.

> This is probably the wrong list to discuss this on, but I'm not
> subscribed to any of the others, so I'm not entirely certain.

I'll CC gnome-devel.

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