Re: Nautilus, galeon and evolution taking huge amount of memory...

On 25 Jul 2001, Franck Martin wrote:

> On 24 Jul 2001 17:34:41 -0700, Loban Rahman wrote:
> > And you must be the umpteenth person to bring this up because of GTop's
> > summary graph. I suggest the GTop maintainers should to either disable
> > that summary, or post a BIG message on that screen warning users that
> > the results shown are in no way accurate because of this thread and
> > shared memory issue.
> >
> But ps does the same mistake if you add all the %CPU you get 100%. If it
> was threads then you shouldn't add them. Is there a way to know that a
> process is a thread?

Note that even for non threaded applications, SIZE is not necessarily
going to give an accurate idea of the actual memory useage.  There are
other ways processes can share address space.  Shared memory is a common
one (used for X shared images for instance).  Memory mapped files or
devices are another (this includes shared libraries).


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