ANNOUNCE: PonG 1.0.0 the "Ping" release


Well, it had to happen one of these days.  PonG 1.0.0 has been unleashed unto
the world.  What is PonG?  Solution to all the world's ills, bringer of world
peace, cure for cancer and also a library and a GUI tool for making GConf
preference dialogs.  So how does it work?  You run a GUI editor, tell it what
keys you are using, what widgets you use for those keys, and save a file, add
a bit of automake/autoconf foo, a few lines of code, and presto you have a
fully functioning preference dialog and generated GConf schemas.  A couple of
minutes work really, so if you've hated writing preference dialogs, then PonG
is the answer to your woes.  PonG also handles many complex cases such as
user levels, and is extensible with glade and bonobo.

Note that full documentation and further information about PonG is at


Not much since 0.13.  You may notice that the new version (1.0.0) does not
end in a prime.  Well, I do make an exception for 0 and 1, so do not worry
primes are coming.

New in 1.0.0

		- Follows the not-yet-ratified dialog ui proposal, including
		  using Help/Cancel/OK (where Cancel == Revert+Close and
		  OK == Close)
		- Use notebook style if less then 6 panes and list style if
		- Bugfixes

	m4 macros:
		- Macros for doing cool things such as checking for pong
		  and the standard schema installtion macro

		- Yay! we have an RPM spec file (Chipzz aka Jan Van Buggenhout)

		- Complete and usable


To download this thing:

Have fun,


George <jirka 5z com>
   What luck for the rulers that men do not think.
                       -- Adolf Hitler

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