Re: PATCH: MDI: count_ui_info_items() fix for LBs.

Murray Cumming wrote:

I wrote:

Could we please have a gnome-libs 1.2.x release to include this non-api

It is required for language bindings.
and possibly for other uses, too. it was a really stupid bug.

Could I have a response from somebody please? Somebody could at least apply
this to gnome-libs HEAD.
just applied to stable gnome-libs-1-0. I'm really sorry not to have

replied sooner, but I'm really busy these days...

no need to do it in HEAD though as MDI does not even compile in GNOME 2.0 libgnomeui right now. I plan to dump all UI merging stuff, leave
that to bonobo and retain only child layout and session management



email: jaka gnu org

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