Re: Who is working on porting GnomeMDI to BonoboWindow+BonoboUI?

Archit Baweja wrote:


I had thought about moving GnomeMDI to BonoboUI, but my latest
cvs update of libgnomeui revealed that someone has already been working on it.
I was planning to retain only the child layout and session management code for GNOME 2.0 and leave all the UI-related work to bonobo. This means that most of the mdi child related code will be gone and the generic child class will go away completely. I'll be getting to that in the following weeks as I've got no time right now. If you would like to do some work yourself, feel free to, but I'd appreciate if you'd send me the patches for review before commiting. Perhaps we should discuss the rework before anything is actually done.



email: jaka gnu org

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